Luka Zuljevic is a photographer specializing in Interiors, Architecture and Commercial Spaces. Worked in Italy, Germany and Croatia but also rest of Europe. Currently living and working in Zagreb, Croatia.

Born in Croatia, Zagreb, where he studied and got a Master's Degree in Electroacoustic Engineering, he mainly travels around the world doing photography projects and learning new things every day. The past few years the focus has been Italy, a country close to his heart. Next was Germany where he has done new exciting projects.

After falling in love with the art of the architectural photography, he quits his engineering career, decides to go all out, follows his passion, and starts his photography career as a freelancer.

Flexibility, empathy, diligence and motivation are his strengths while dealing with clients and working on projects.


Luka loves refreshing interiors and powerful exteriors and wants to present them in the best possible way: natural light, natural colours, simple but powerful kick, just as eating a mint.

I work worldwide, if you are interested in my work please feel free to contact me.

Eat That Mint - feel the freshness!



FOCUS - Design fireplaces, The Mint Story, Velanera Hotel & Restaurant, Casavecia Golf Asolo, Houzz, Sacher Hotel Vienna, Myer´s Hotel Berlin, Villa Corall, Airbnb, Singular Gallery, Lighthouse-Croatia, Tema Electric, Radio Aktiv, Aqwia, Visit Istria, La Triennale di Milano, Mudam Luxembourg, 21er Haus